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Seabed Site Clearance Survey

EPS provide Seabed Site Clearance survey for our Clients normally when they are moving a drilling rig from one location to another, installing new subsea structures such as pipelines/cables etc.

The purpose of the Seabed Site Clearance Survey is to check the seabed in the prescribed area for any debris that would be harmful to, or impede the installation of a Mobile Drilling Unit and/or other Client structure in the prescribed area.

This can be achieved by:

  • Inspect the seabed within the confines of the nominated platform/area where the drilling rig/structure will be located, to identify any debris that may be detrimental to future operations
  • Conduct a patterned search of the seabed using the ROV cameras and scan the area continuously using the vehicle mounted sector scanning sonar.
  • Video is to be continuously recorded.
  • Continuous commentary with observations on the nature of the seabed, references to the sonar, and vehicle heading
  • Regular position fixes should be made, either with the USBL or by using the vehicle sonar and taking range and relative bearings to known structures.
  • Any objects that would need recovery should be fixed using the navigation and positioning USBL tracking system.

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