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As-Laid Survey

EPS provide pipeline/cable As-Laid ROV survey too where the objective is to record the pipeline/cable status and position immediately after it is laid.

As-Laid Survey is usually carried out during the pipeline/cable installation or as soon as practically possible after the pipe/cable is laid and will normally incorporate the following elements:

  • The horizontal pipeline/cable position referenced to the planned alignment.
  • The vertical profile of the pipeline/cable with respect to the natural seabed on either side of the pipeline/cable.
  • Continuous video coverage of both sides and top of the pipeline/cable.
  • A transverse profile at a minimum agreed interval.
  • Location and documentation of the physical condition of the pipeline/cable.
  • Location and documentation of free spans and buckles.
  • Location and documentation of debris in the immediate vicinity of the pipeline/cable that could impede trenching etc,
  • Location and rotation of piggy back lines (if appropriate) and heads.
  • Determine the position of each field joint and CP anode

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