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Site Survey

EPS supports Client’s drilling and construction operations through our Site Surveys Services. Site Surveys are similar in character to Route Surveys but are tightly focused on a small area of seabed.

Site Surveys are performed prior to the installation of a platform jacket, template, jack-up drilling rig or manifold to establish the precise and detailed bathymetric, topographic and geotechnical nature of the location.

The size and density of survey work will vary according to the client specifications. Site surveys are also known as High Resolution Geophysical surveys.

Site Surveys are thus performed for the following reasons:

  • To identify any sub surface objects which would damage the installation of an underwater structure.
  • To identify shallow gas areas prior to a drill rig entry.
  • To identify, with the means of an ROV, hazardous objects on the seafloor which may endanger the installation of underwater structures.
  • To identify with seismic equipment the substrata of the seabed to identify faults for the determination of mineral resources.
  • Investigate slope stability.

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